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Wissenschaftsladen Potsdam

Science Shop Potsdam

The Potsdamer Science Shop is an independent project for teaching science subjects in the fields of natural sciences, engineering, environmental sciences, ecology, communication and social sciences.
Science Shops have been around the 70s. Then joined together dutch chemical students to support charitable organizations and civil society. Meanwhile, there are science shops around the world. Since the 80s also in Germany. In East Germany, they could only establish itself in recent years. Since 2011, there is the Science Shop in Potsdam as a registered charity.

Depending on the problem, scope and results of the Science Shop Potsdam collaborations with other institutions, science shops, individuals and initiatives.
The projects are funded exclusively through donations and external funding. One of his initial projects is an environmental education program for children aged 3-6 years. The Science Shop Potsdam is also involved in the project carried out in Germany with Leuchtpol courses for kindergarten on the topics of electricity, energy, and distributive justice.

Medium term plan is to build a stationary and mobile FabLab in an open high-tech workshop with laser cutters, 3-D printers, CNC machines and milling. In courses will be taught through knowledge production in which his own responsibility, nutzer_innenspezifisch and individually unique pieces are produced.
Later this year will also launch seminars on the method of Nonviolent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg offered.
Currently running an application for a project funded by the European Union project on environmental management in enterprises. Here, the Science Shop Potsdam focuses especially on cultural institutions.

The Science Shop Potsdam cooperates with the „Werkhaus“ and the „freiLand"-Potsdam and is involved in the association of open workshops. The Science Shop Potsdam pursues the basic idea of ​​the human acquisition of knowledge, technologies and skills regardless of their age, educational level, place of residence or residence and of origin allow. The Science Shop Members are primarily internal pulse generator. The course structure is oriented so that the group into the knowledge acquired during the courses can apply independently and responsibly. The knowledge is based on the needs and the ways of men.

With your support we can fund the educational programs and projects! Thus, regardless of education and day care, school and university carried out and the offer can be enlarged, you can become a member or send us a donation.

Donation :

Deutsche Kreditbank BLZ: 120 300 00 Konto: 101 334 7784

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